Share Group Sign-Up


Share Group is one step our church is taking to connect with one another and strengthen faith. Share Groups will begin meeting between October 11 – November 22. You can join one of these Share Group offerings or host one for just your family, friends or co-workers. You choose if it is in person, location or if it is on the phone or online. This is how it works.

1. Lock-In & Share a Time and Frequency to meet at least four of the six weeks. (or you can meet more often)
2. Invite & Share Life with others. The expectation is 1/3 of your share group time is to intentionally catch-up.
3. Identify & Share a common interest, concern, book, study or hobby/activity. Your share group will spend 1/3rd time connecting over this common point.
4. Pray & Share the Lord by spending 1/3rd of the time connecting with your faith by praying together, sharing a devotional, or serving others in any way you choose.

You will be supported with whatever you need to make your Share Group an encouraging experience. Please connect with Pastor Emily at 704-351-5027.